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The causes of fatigue

Fatigue can be caused by a host of different factors such as physical problems which limit the body’s resting ability, stress or even an autonomous nervous system imbalance between the sympathetic (activating nervous system, fight or flight response, stress and fear mechanisms) and parasympathetic (rest, digestion, relaxation, etc.) nervous system.

Fatigue is an extremely common and widespread condition. It has numerous possible causes. Generally, a person who experiences fatigue suffers from several causes simultaneously and often times chronically. Fatigue can be caused by physical, chemical and emotional stresses. The mind and body can get tired for many reasons.

How does chiropractic influence sleep?

Sleep is influenced by numerous factors such as hydration, a person’s emotional state, and all the previously described factors Chiropractic helps limit stress and the body’s compensations so it can rest peacefully and renew its energy through restorative sleep.

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