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A curative & preventative approach to health.

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that helps free the body’s innate healing capacities by manually adjusting the body. The aim of chiropractic is two-fold.  If you are suffering from symptoms and/or pain, the first aim of chiropractic care will be to help you find relief from these symptoms by targeting the root of your underlying health problems. The second step of chiropractic is preventative. Once your symptoms have improved, your chiropractor will be able to help you take further control of your health through preventative, chiropractic care. Thus, regular chiropractic care aims, not only to help you avoid developing latent problems in the future but also to optimize your body’s overall health, enabling you to benefit from its full potential.

Your Chiropractors

Maxime Canu
Maxime Canu
Elodie Grandjean-Moche
Elodie Grandjean-Moche

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do adjustments make a “cracking” sound?2020-03-05T15:42:43+01:00

During physical adjustments, chiropractors stretch real quickly the joint they are trying to unblock. This quickly decreases the pressure (tension) in the joint, which in turn, creates a small gas bubble that bursts to become liquid again. We often compare this phenomenon with the opening of a soda can: depressurization creates a noise. It is by no means a bone that cracks. Also, when done by a duly trained chiropractor, adjustments are completely without risk. We recommend that you do not try to reproduce the movements of chiropractors at home as they’ve spent 6 years learning how to do it safely.

Are chiropractic adjustments dangerous?2020-03-05T15:46:01+01:00

Chiropractic adjustments are extremely low risk and present inversely proportional benefits. Your chiropractor will present to you the benefits and risks of the interventions before starting your care plan, especially before any intervention that is out of the ordinary.

What is a subluxation?2020-03-05T15:50:17+01:00

A chiropractic subluxation is an abnormal functioning that no longer facilitates the optimal transmission of health information in the person.
We commonly refer to chiropractic subluxations as the abnormal functioning of a joint (most often vertebrae). This has an impact on the neurological patterns linked to this joint. While appearing benign, subluxations can cause many functional disorders, whether locally or remotely, on all types of structures (bones, joints, muscles, organs) through the nervous system or load transfer.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?2020-03-05T15:58:48+01:00

A chiropractic adjustment is a movement performed by the chiropractor. As the name suggests, its aim is to normalize a function that has been altered. Most of the time, physical adjustments are quick, precise and painless movements at the level of a joint. This stimulates the central nervous system (especially the cerebellum) allowing the body to heal itself more efficiently. There are many types of adjustments depending on the health issue. Your chiropractor will always warn you if feeling pain is unavoidable during the treatment. Patients can refuse any action suggested by their chiropractor, at any time. In order to maximize its effects, it is essential that the adjustment be a joint action between the patient who accepts and relaxes during the treatment and the practitioner who performs the adjustment.

How long does a chiropractic treatment plan last?2020-03-05T16:05:24+01:00

Just as health is built and maintained day after day, we recommend following long-term treatment plans in order to optimize your health throughout your life. Most patients find that their ideal rate is one visit per month after the initial care phase. This helps maintain the spine, body and nervous system as physical, chemical and emotional stress builds up. It’s important to view health as daily training that takes into account physical parameters (work posture, exercise, chiropractic care), chemical parameters (nutrition, hydration, breathing, etc.) and emotional parameters. Given today’s lifestyle, it hard to imagine that our bodies are able to respond to the demands without sooner or later developing health problems.

What type of formal education and training do chiropractors follow?2020-03-05T16:17:26+01:00

Chiropractors receive an education similar to general practitioners, but with more hours of anatomy, biomechanics, neurology and techniques, and less emphasis on pharmacology. The course, lasts 5 years in France, representing 5500 hours of mainly scientific lessons. A period of 15 months of office and hospital internships allows future chiropractors to be faced with the reality of the field and acquire the necessary experience to practice this profession.

Are chiropractic sessions convered by health insurances?2022-08-07T14:17:24+02:00

The majority of health insurances partially cover chiropractic sessions. This varies depending on the insurance & the plan you’ve chosen. Ask your health insurance company directly to learn to what extent you are covered.

Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?2020-03-05T16:29:05+01:00

Chiropractic care is safe for all ages, including children and newborns, and is extremely beneficial for them. A child’s body reacts better and faster to adjustments than an adult’s, for multiple reasons (flexibility, energy, alertness, faster learning…). Growth is also the best time to adopt proper posture habits and to the body’s development so that it is closer to its optimal state. Finally, the techniques used in children, are always adapted to the child’s age and physical characteristics. This not only allows us to make physical improvements but also plays a role in the quality of the child’s learning and concentration abilities (improvement of dys- and attention disorders, better concentration, etc.). So it’s the best time to start regular chiropractic care.

When should you consult a chiropractor?2020-03-05T16:37:24+01:00

Most often, people initially visit us after experiencing pain (for example back, cervical and joint pain, sciaticas, headaches, etc.). However, in our practice, we believe that health should also be proactive! Therefore, we prefer to treat the person holistically to ensure good health and mobility. Our goal is to allow enable people to be the best version of themselves.

What do chiropractors do during a session?2020-03-05T16:40:24+01:00

During a visit, your chiropractor will assess your postural, joint and neurological state before correcting them (through adjustments). This can improve your health and your body’s functioning.

How does chiropractic work?2020-03-05T16:44:36+01:00

The nervous system coordinates all of the body’s functions and the spine ensures protection and mobility. By performing regular manual adjustments to the spine, chiropractors can restore and maintain optimal functioning of the nervous system.

What is chiropratic?2020-03-05T16:46:37+01:00

Chiropractic is a natural health profession that focuses on the individual as a whole. This includes physical, chemical and emotional aspects. Chiropractic improves and maintains the proper functioning of the spine and nervous system to improve general health and well-being while avoiding unnecessary drugs and operations.

These people trust us

Maxime is really talented and attentive to the patient’s needs! My neck pain disappeared after the first appointment and I am already moving much better. Eager to return to see him.

Julien Allain

I exercise 12h per week as I’m an apprentice stunt woman. The vertebrae are living tissues and move on a daily basis. Oftentimes, muscular pains are related to vertebrae compression. Maxime put my back back in place in one session and I am much more flexible 🙂 As a professional masseuse, I recommend Maxime with a capital R.

Line Phe

I am someone who travels and goes on a lot of difficult expeditions. Session after session, Maxime managed to unblock my problems and heal my old wounds. In addition, his office is superb. I highly recommend!

Anthony Verlaine

I met Mr. Canu following my husband’s advice. Magnificent office on avenue Marceau. I run around all day in the subway in heels and these disastrous consequences for my body were confirmed during my first session through the scanner. I visited the office 1x / week during the first month to correct major issues and today I visit once a month for prevention and fitness maintenance. The difference in my daily life is edifying. I highly recommend.

Salwa Rajaa

It was my first chiropractic session and wow it was perfect. I  practice a lot of sports so this session did me a lot of good. Mr Canu adjusted me perfectly and I’m going to go back very quickly. Everything is perfect there (design of the cabinet, care, price, and friendliness of the practitioner). I highly and warmly recommend this professional.

Greg Kristoforoff

Mr. Canu does a great job we saw the effects on my kids and me.
He is always very attentive to everyone and is very professional and conscientious. He found solutions to our questions which remained unanswered despite numerous examinations. He changed our lives. A big thanks to him!

Laetitia Lepine

“Add more years to your life and more life to your years”

Our patients visit us for the following symptoms:

posture at work

Back pain

Back pain is considered by many as the disease of the century. A vast majority of people suffer from recurring back pain. Generally, it comes from repetitive micro-traumas, bad posture, and false moves. Work, sports or lifestyle, why do you suffer from back pain?

leg skeleton

Sciatica and cervicobrachial pain syndrome

Neurological pain in the nerves in the legs and arms is usually caused by a problem originating in the back. Why do you have tingling sensations in your hands? What are the alarm signals? How can chiropractic help you?

woman suffering from migraines

Migraines and headaches

Headaches are extremely common and often misdiagnosed. Indeed, very often the treatment is symptomatic (removal of the symptoms) without seeking to correct the cause. Why do you have a headache? How can your chiropractor help you?

human foot

Joint Problems

Osteoarthritis, tendonitis, sprains and sprains, post-surgical pain, meniscus problems (in the knee), problems related to the use of our joints are increasing. What are the ways to obtain healthy joints?

drawing of the spine

Posture et scoliosis

Good joint and vertebral hygiene is essential to maintain proper posture and to take full advantage of your body. Poor posture can reduce the capacity of certain organs or create neurological problems (herniated discs, intercostal or visceral pain).
young, stressed out woman


Our current lifestyle generates a lot of physical stress (bad posture, repetitive movements, physical work), chemical stress (breathing, food, hydration, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs), and emotional stress (emotional trauma, lifestyle habits which are not optimal).

young man looking tierd


Fatigue can be due to a physical problem that prevents the system from resting, to stress or to an imbalance between the sympathetic nervous system (the activating nervous system, phenomena of stress, fear, fight or flight response) and the nervous system parasympathetic (rest, digestion, relaxation, etc.).

human jaw

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be caused by improper use of the jaw, dental problems or following a dental operation, and also postural problems.

Human anatomy

Asthma and allergies

The relationship between the spine, the nervous system and the respiratory system can be affected in different ways. Adjustments improve respiratory function by restoring normal function from the nerves towards the respiratory muscles and resulting in symptomatic improvement for asthma, bronchitis or allergies.


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