Jaw pain and popping/clicking

Chiropractic can help


Jaw pain and popping / clicking: how can chiropractic help?

Pain and clicking of the jaw are usually due to a physical shock, wrong use of the jaw, bruxism, dental issues, dental operation or postural problems.
Pain and especially popping of the jaw often become chronic in the absence of a solution. Harmony is delicate to achieve in this small, very complex and fragile joint (the TMJ or temporomandibular joint), around which, powerful muscles are attached to break up food.  The problem can originally arise from a shock, from poor use of the jaw, bruxism, dental issues, a dental operation or postural problems.
Jaw pain and clicking come from a dysfunction of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), due to a trauma, micro trauma or an infection. This dysfunction can be muscular or structural (jaw disc misaligned). Chiropractic can’t help you cure a local jaw infection so you must have it treated first, but most jaw pain and popping can be cured by chiropractic, even when caused by an infection.

Important side note/ highlight:
Intense, unintentional and permanent contraction of the jaw is called trismus. It can be a sign of infectious pathologies. In this case, it’s advised to see your medical doctor to check if there is an emergency treatment to be made before consulting at your chiropractic office.

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